martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

The importance of English in the world

Do you like speaking English? Are you currently studying it in high school or in a language academy? Congratulations! You are one of the millions and millions of people who are learning this language around the world. And why so many people have chosen that language and not French or Portuguese? Where does that importance of English come from?

English is a very significant language used for the international language of business, technology, medicine, tourism, science, and music, between other things. And it is for that reason why so many people have started studying it because there has been an increasing demand for work on those sectors. In Spain, for example, there are many people learning English in order to find a job related to tourism. That is to say, that is a greatly tourist country where many foreigners choose that place to relax and to have a good time enjoying the warm temperatures and the light and blue skies.

English can be funny too. For example, many people have started learning English in order to understand the lyrics of their favourite bands. They enjoy by listening to the great rock bands or pop singers who sing in that language. English is synonym of language of the world of music, since even German, Spanish and Swiss musicians, as examples, also sing in English. Why? Because as we have said before that is an international way of communication.

So that, if you are currently learning English at school or in an academy, well done! That will open doors in your job career, and will be comforting if you are a fluent speaker of English and can communicate with people around the world and even in the space!