jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

English as te languaje of the web

Did you know that the 80 per cent of the content of Internet is written or expressed in English? It is the most important language on the Internet. And why is this? Well, simply because the English-speaking countries are the main ones in the world of businesses and economics. 
The only thing which would help to change the main language of the Web into another one could be if Europe were more powerful than the States, so other languages such as German, French or Spanish would increase in importance. Maybe all these three wouldn’t be global languages, but there could be an agreement and make one of them the universal one, or constructing a new language for international communication.
The truth is that English is the predominant language on the Internet because the creators of this nowadays useful and essential tool were speakers of English. But this language is not only related to the world on Internet, but also to the wide world of new technologies. Stop and wonder “which new technological things or devices are directly related to the English world?” Have you realized? Our personal computer or laptop, the buttons of switching on and off electrical appliances, radios, mobile phones, and a long and almost endless list are mainly English language oriented.