martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

English as a universal language

Right now English must be considered the first universal or global language of the modern world. And it has to be highlighted ‘in the modern world’ because in ancient times the first language, or also called, lingua franca was Latin. The process when English started becoming an important language around the world began with the arrival of the 20th century when it took part in a European treaty signed after World War I.

The United States became the most important and interesting economic market in the world, thing which also helped English having a good and increasing reputation. And important people, directly related to the world of businesses, thought it would be a good idea start to learn English and being able to negotiate and signing agreements with this English speaking country.

Due to all that, in Europe it has been thought that knowing English should be almost compulsory for everybody, since thanks to that we European people, could communicate with our neighbours from the European Union. That is to say, speaking that language is a step forward if what we want is being into contact with people or enterprises from France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, etc. If all of us knew how to speak English there wouldn’t be a gap between people from the north of Europe and from the south. We all would be more into contact with each other and surely we will have a better relationship.

It is because of that that in the world of medicine, science, technology and investigation English is the main language, so that all scientists and investigators must speak this language so that they can be into contact with other colleagues from different parts in the world and help each others.