viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Is it really important speaking English?

It has been carried out a worldwide survey which studies and examines how English is learned in each country. At the same time this investigation also looks at the importance of English language in the world, not only for professional opportunities, but also for the economic development of a concrete nation.

Only one English exam has been elaborated and done via Internet by students from all around the world who have wanted to collaborate with the investigation. More than 2 millions of students have participated in this test. Thanks to that examination a classification has been set where we can see the different levels of English in each country which took part in the test.

The first countries in the list with a very high level of English are Northern European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, followed by Germany, Poland, France, Japan, Portugal, Argentina; and the in the number 36 of the list we find Spain. Thanks to that chart where we can see the positions each country has according to its level of English, we realize that Spanish are bad at English even being a developed country and having millions of children and young people studying English everyday.

Speaking English is necessary for globalization, it is also the key for foreign investments, or if you want to have an interesting and well-paid job a perfect command of this language is needed. To sum up, nowadays the knowledge of English has become a basic requirement instead of a simple advantage for people.