viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Knowing the beginnings of English language in the world

Recent investigations show that 402 millions of people have English as their first language, and it is daily used by more than 1000 millions non native speakers of English. According to the British Council this number will continue increasing and by the year 2016 about 2000 millions people will be studying and speaking it, that is to say, half the population of the planet. Very soon, probably in a few generations, and for the first time in the history of human race all of us will be able to communicate with a single language in the world.

That is the biggest blow for worldwide civilization, in the last 25 years. In most of the parts of the planet English is spoken at least a little bit, so that, if you go whenever you want you are going to be able to “survive” and communicate with people. This expansion is a truly “earthquake” in the history if humanity and one of the most important events which has happened in history since the birth of language. No language before had achieved the universality that English has got and it is the first time in history that we can talk about a predominant language in the world.

English language is one of the easiest languages which can be learnt and this is one of the reasons why it prevailed in the United States. The German descendants were really numerous at that time in North America, but English was easiest and finally it was the victorious!