lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Why learn English?

By learning English you could do many things other people cannot do. Imagine your friends speak English and you don’t know a word of it they can have access to interesting information and news in English, such as, information about music bands, gigs, new published books, etc. They could also communicate with people from all over the world and ask important questions to people who live in any corner of the planet. Or also you can go steps forwards in your profession leaving other colleagues behind you.

You can have access to whatever information you are interested in, it does not matter whether it is about computers, health, science, music, cinema, etc., since most of that information is in English. If you want to have a good job related to the world of science or technology learning English is one of the most important things you can start studying right now. And the excellent news is that this is one of the easiest languages you can learn: adjectives are always the same without change of gender, and we express the plural of nouns only by adding a –s or –es at the end of the words. Are you eager to start learning English?