miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

English as a global and international language. A good or bad thing?

The expansion of English can be seen as a good and positive thing in areas such as technology or science where is important to have a common language in order to gain effectiveness in those sectors. But English as a single and common language in the world brings bad news to the world of literature, since everybody would read in English and other languages would be forgotten and dead. Everyone would speak English in a near future but, is it worth it? I mean, do we want to communicate in a better way with other people in the world? Probably, that is what we need, communication! Perhaps it is the lack of contact what has done the world is upside down, where there are countries at war, misunderstandings between religions, and where each nation thinks of its own interests. In such cases, English could be the best of the tools in order to make human race a closer and happier one; therefore this would mean literature would not be so important and it would be pushed into the background.