viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

English and music

Could you imagine living in a world in which music does not exist? Wedding march, national anthems and folk music would have never existed, and as a result our lives would be sadder and we could not escape from problems by listening chill out music or “travelling” to distant lands or listening to rock music in order to cheer us up and feeling stronger.
But apart from all that, music is a very good and motivating tool if what we want is learning, practice and improve a foreign (an even native) language. Imagine today is Saturday and you have been the whole week studying English grammar at school, the best way to engraved all that on your mind ever since is spending the weekend by listening to music. Doing that you review vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and deals with different topics and social issues as you know most songs are about.

So that, you know what you have to do know; turn up your speakers and start learning English with music.