jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Tips to learn English

We have heard many times that English is one of the easiest languages we can learn, but although it is seen as an easy one if we do not practice our listening and oral skills our English will not be so good. In order to be a fluent speaker of English some of the tips you can follow are: listening to music, thanks to which you can get used to the intonation and rhythm of spoken English; reading books, newspapers and magazines with which you will learn new vocabulary and expressions; watching subtitled films in English or in the original language, chatting online or doing video conferences with friends via Skype, travel abroad to practice English or if you cannot afford it at least go to tourist places in your city and become good friends with foreigners living in your place, learn new words when you can. And the most important of all: be patient and DO NOT worry about making mistakes.