viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Never is too late to learn a foreign language

Never is too late to learn a language! If you are fifty or older and you would have loved to have studied a foreign language at the age of 20, why don’t you start learning it right now? To speak a language you only need to feeling like learning it, putting in a lot of effort day after day and having discipline. The age does not matter at all. For that reason, we suggest several steps you could do for your possible learning process:
1- Do homework and study for exams day after day. 
2- Read books or short stories with audio CD and better if they are written in easy English. First thing, read the book, annotate words you don’t know in a vocabulary notebook. And then, when the book is read and you already know all the words you have annotated, listen to the audio book and try to understand what it is being told.
3- Try to practice oral English, with your children, your grandchildren or any native person you could meet from your city or even people you may meet thanks to the Internet (chats, Skype, etc.).
4- Watch films with English subtitles and have your vocabulary notebook close to you to annotate every single word you don’t know from the film. That practice will help you a lot with grammar and vocabulary.
5- Listen to songs in English and search the lyrics of the songs on the Internet.
And that’s all. We congratulate you if you have started an English course. And if not we cheer you up to start working in a language very soon. Good luck!