jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Healthy effects of learning a language

Learning a foreign language, like English, for example, is not only important to find a good job or to travel abroad, but some scientists have proved that learning languages has strong effects on our brain. Recently, some English scientists examined a group of bilingual people and detected that knowing a second language modify positively the brain structure, to be more specific, the brain area which processes information. This is good because it helps to have a better memory and better learning processes.  Learning a language is also important because it helps to delay Alzheimer; a study done some months ago showed that people who speak more than a language have Alzheimer symptoms four or five years later than people who are monolingual. And that is not all, it is observed that children who learn more than a language have great power of concentration, and they can better ignore interferences which may distract them from what they are studying or doing. Do you feel like learning English now?