lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

English: present and future of a language

English is becoming the most spoken language in the world, partly thanks to the Internet. It is true that there are more people in the world who speak Chinese or Spanish as a mother tongue, but the revolutionary thing is that English is becoming the second language of almost every country in the world. In the 21st century the future of English is extremely promising. Internet has played a decisive role in the development of English as a global language, and that is because most of the electronic information is stored in English. Chinese and Spanish are the languages spoken by thousands of millions of people in the world, but English is turning to be the common language in every field of knowledge: science, arts, education, medicine, technology, etc. According to the latest estimates, there are around three hundred million of native speakers of English, and more than five hundred million people have English as a second language and speak it with fluency. That sum is changing, since little by little more and more people are studying English as a foreign language, which is turning English into a source for communication in the whole planet.