miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Seven reasons to learn English

Linguistic barriers should not be a problem in your life. Do not wait to see your career and life cut short because of not knowing English. We say to you seven reasons why you must start studying English.  Knowing more than one language improves our memory and cognitive skills. Let’s start!
  1. More than the 85% of Webpages are written in English. If you are fluent in that language the Internet would not have barriers for you.
  2. English is the official language of many countries in the world, so that you can travel to many places and not have problems when speaking and living with native people.
  3. You will have more job opportunities, since when it comes to look for a new job bilingual people have more possibilities to get the position. Especially if the second language he or she knows is English.
  4. You will understand films, since most of the films of the film industry are in English. The person who knows this language understands in a better way the plot of a film.
  5. You will learn more interesting things when travelling abroad. Because you could have conversations and mix yourself with native people who explain and show you the essence of the country or region you travel to.
  6. You will be learn more things about the world of computers, especially if you are interested in the world of software, since most of the programs are in English.
  7. You will acquire knowledge of other interesting topics you are interested in, since most of the writings, essays and scientific studies are written in English. If you do not know English you will not have access to all that information.