viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

English: Revelant language in the world of business and travelling

If we are thinking about getting a job English is really important because nowadays most of the companies and businesses have international customers who prefer talking in English in order to sign agreements, solve incidences and problems, etc., instead of using their own native languages. 

But if what you really feel like is travelling and understand local citizens stop worrying anymore about that! Most of the people in the world know English and even if you have a high level and the other people have a lower one communication will be possible. But you don’t necessarily have to travel abroad if what you want is speaking English, nowadays due to immigration and people moving from countryside to the city, even living in Spain speaking a common language as English is really important.

Let’s see a clearer example and think about India, which is a place where people from different places live and many languages coexist. The solution for that was to choose English as the main used language in that country, so that, there are many different nationalities but all of them know how to speak and interact in English. Everybody there can take part in discussions, having a chat with talkative shopkeepers and make a lot of friends there.