miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Are English language and Spanish people compatible?

Many Spanish people still travel abroad and feel lost when it comes to ask something or talk to someone in English. We feel uncomfortable even when doing online shopping in English. That is the result of a survey carried out by Cambridge University Press, which shows the relationship between Spanish people and the Anglo-Saxon language. It says Spaniards have improved a little with that language, but there are still many people scared of speaking English.

The 91% of people think that the biggest burden in order to start learning English is the fear of making a fool of yourself in public. People must learn from our Nordic friends from Sweden, Holland, Germany, etc. who study a course of Spanish, learn three words and they dare to practice our language with native people. That type of behaviour doesn’t exist in Spain. We only have to see we have the 30% of unemployment in the country and more than the half of people surveyed stated that they would not go abroad to look for a job because of their complexes when it comes to speak English.

Only the 20% of people who took part in the survey were studying English at that moment, despite the other 80% of people were unhappy with their level of English. So as readers could imagine Spanish people failed English, but even so, other surveys show that the new generations of Spaniards will speak better English in future years.