miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

The importance of learning English

Nowadays speaking English is something indispensable. With every day that passes English language is used in almost all the fields of knowledge: science, mathematics, literature, biology, chemistry, sports, art, etc. It could be considered to be the language of the world, since it is widely spread and spoken all over the planet and it is considered to be a ‘lingua franca’ which has had an impact in every nation and field of study in the world.
Years ago knowing English was considered to be a luxury and only rich people learned it, but today it has moved from being a symbol of grandeur to being a necessity in this globalised world. Even it is said that it is a disadvantage not knowing English.  Some studies say that in seven years, English will be spoken by three thousand million people in the world, which means that in some years for the first time in the history mankind, men will be able to communicate in a single and global language: English! Without doubts this spread of language is a great change from the birth of language!