martes, 16 de abril de 2013

A little bit of history of English language

Many years ago and thanks to the British Empire the English language was spread to many countries in the world. And today English is still the official language in many nations which belonged to the British in ancient times. There are dialects which have emerged from those places and that is due to that mixing of cultures and language, so that, the English spoken in New Zealand is not the same as the English spoken in the United Kingdom, there are many differences in vocabulary, pronunciation and even in grammar. The two most known dialects of English language are British and American English. And these two are the dialects which are mostly used to teach English to those people who want to learn the language as a second or foreign language. For those who are thinking of start learning English I have to say ‘congratulations!’ Congratulations because you are interested in studying one of the easiest languages you can learn. Contrary to Spanish, English grammar is not complex, and the only difficulties you can find when studying it are irregular verbs, phrasal verbs or the pronunciation. So, cheer up! Study English!