jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

The importance of English for business activity

Speaking more than one language is an essential factor if we want to get a new job or advance rapidly in our career, above all, in globalization times when communication and deals with other countries are more and more frequent.

Almost the 100% of companies in the world which have as an essential requirement for their workers speaking a foreign language see English as their favourite one followed by Japanese, German, French and Portuguese.

The enterprises need workers without fear who do not mind having conversations with foreign representatives or travelling abroad to finalize work alliances, so that speaking English or another foreign language would not be a problem for them.

And what is more important, due to the importance of knowing a second or foreign language, different enterprises have asked their workers to do official exams in order to certify the level of command of a language. Thanks to that the company sees if the workers cover their needs or not.